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May 20- Day 13

Hmmm... what was that I said about omens? 13 may be unlucky to most, but I've never felt one way or the other about it. I woke up and the pain in my knee was gone! However, after a few minutes of walking a bit of it returned. Still, I think I'm in good enough shape for Vernon. No point in overdoing it today.

For the first time I cooked a meal. Sure it was just more ravioli, but setting up the fire and tasting hot food always has its own moral boosting advantages.

Yesterday and today I am sure I saw some partridge. You know how? Because of the animated introduction to The Partridge Family. Besides the general shape and little bulb like thing sticking off their head, those birds really do walk like that!

A couple of notes before leaving. A four year old kid asked me if I was feeling better (I asked his dad for ice yesterday), which was really sweet. In the mens room, two forty year olds were talking about family restaurants between 20 and 80 bucks in cost and their respective value. They also disagreed completely on Boston Pizza.

I'm in a small museum in Kelowna, which has a small dinosaur exhibit with a T-Rex and Triceratops replica skull, along with a variety of smaller ones. Good ol' Trilobites, just like Heber Downs. It may be small, but it is varied. There is a section, albeit small, for just about everything. I give them top marks, however, for moving the last building from old Chinatown into the museum. They shortened it up a bit so it would fit, but it's rather impressive. They are expanding the museum, it's just too bad that I won't be here to see it.

The museum curator was possibly my best interview yet! He was imaginative and intelligent. I should find more like him.

Time spent cycling: 3:49:06

Distance traveled: 72.12km

Total distance: 704km

Average Speed: 18.9 kph

Maximum speed: 77.5 kph

Current Location: Hi-wayman Motel in Vernon

Aren't people mugged by highwaymen? That's how I feel. After seeing a place charging $30 bucks a night in Penticton, I thought it should be easy to find such a situation again. Wrong. I was going to get charged $45 bucks for this place (small single room with a TV the size of my computer monitor, but they okayed $40. Wanting to fleece me on account of the long weekend and all.

Okay, this trip, though short, was productive. I made okay distance, I found that my leg is not fully healed, and I found out why some runners wear braces on their knee even if it's not their knee that's injured. I'm now one of these people. Unless something changes, the tension bandage is a permanent part of this trip.

Kelowna was a pleasant distraction, but no real reason to stay there. On the way out, however, I was within forty feet of a nasty car accident. BAM! small car went headlong into a turning 4x4. The 4x4 was barely dented, the little car's front was crushed, but not enough for it to stop working, since it pulled to the side of the road. I checked to see if anyone was hurt and fortunately nobody was. Just some wallets and insurance rates.

Leaving Kelowna, I was annoyed to find how long the area sprawled for, and even more annoyed to see how much they expected it to expand in the future. The university or college here is several miles from the city center, and the airport is over 10. I get the feeling Kelowna has given itself a lot of room to grow.

At one point, I thought I was in Ireland or Scotland, rather than in BC... the hills and lakes looked much more like photos I've seen of those two countries.

The day went by quickly. I was in Vernon by 2pm, and got my room by 2:30. My plans are to eat, bathe, rest my knee, and maybe laundry if a laundromat is nearby.

I didn't realized just how burnt I am until now. I've been using SPF50 sunblock, too! Bloody hell. I guess I have to use it more often. But I suppose some degree of burning is inevitable regardless how much sunblock you use. At least the lip balm works alright.

My goodness, they actually have a Gideon Bible here! Hardcover, too. I didn't know they still did that.

Oh yes, and lastly I give a big hello to the family at the Gatzke fruit stand. They asked to be kept posted, so I added them to the "everyone" list. I picked up 4 mandarins from him. Very nice.

That's all for now, I'll write more as I see fit.

Wanna picture something funny? A small cheap motel room, all kinds of ziplock bags and stuff strewn on the bed, the bike (fully loaded for touring) blocking the closet, loose article of clothing everywhere, an empty pizza slice tray and coffee cup on the lamp stand, a lamp placed on the TV, the TV placed on the fridge, the fridge placed in front of the air circulator. Then my wet T-shirt placed on the lamp (which is on) so it can be gently blown and heated dry. On the other lamp is my underwear. Later on I taped up my light pants top just above the AC and propped the legs up against the TV, which turned it into a kind of windsock and dried it out much faster than it ever would have on its own. It's an Equal Damage moment. (for those who aren't familiar with Equal Damage, the quickest way to describe him is to picture the ultimate motorcycle biker/slob).

It's raining out. Started when I got in the motel. I hope it doesn't get worse. Please, please, please stop!

Onto Day 14...