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May 17- Day 10

Talk about preoccupied with the weather... I dreamt I was watching the 5 day forecast on the Weather Network, and in extreme detail, too. Too bad I can't remember if it was good or bad.

Before I leave, I've got some minor repairs to do. The tent is wet, both the storm fly and the inner tent... I can only assume that it was dew and not rain... I don't see any holes in the storm fly...

Man, I forgot to get a book for the Psion... Even a regular book, something! I'll have to pick one up in Princeton or Kelowna in the next couple days.

Time spent cycling: 6:47:59

Distance traveled: 112.34km

Total distance: 465km

Average Speed: 16.5 kph

Maximum speed: 76.9 kph

Current Location: Bromley Rock Park (between Princeton and Hedley)

Well, I called it quits a little early today. And I have good reason. I spent most of the day walking my bike uphill. The first hour and 15 minutes was spent climbing uphill for 8km. When I got to top of Allison Pass, I made the same distance in 20 minutes!

To give you an idea of how far up I went: There was snow. Lots of it, mostly on the dark side of the hills, no wonder it was cold last night, my campsite was only 2km from the snowline.

I thought my pain and suffering were over for a while. Wrong. After stopping at the Manning Park Resort area for a rest and refilling of water, I soon found out there was another hill just as steep waiting for me. Sunday Pass. Both of these passes were higher than the Kangamengus in the Appellations. This second one was nastier, because every time I thought it was over, it turned the corner and just kept going up up up!

But when it went downhill, did it EVER go downhill! Imagine going 60-70kph on a twisting turning road where the cars aren't even allowed to go over 50 on a streamlined bicycle! It was exhilarating, and I almost died of a heart attack. I was afraid to use the brakes too much, especially on the turns, for fear of a wipe out. But on the plus side I more than made up for lost time.

I learned the value of James' advice today when he told me to take baby powder. Chaff city. When I got to Princeton I stocked up on some (Viva la poudre pour bebes!), as well as more film. Princeton is another quaint little town, and my bike not only got me plenty of stares, I encountered a boy-girlfriend couple on a road trip of their own (by car). The guy was your basic "beard down to your chest, puffy rasta hat wearing, probably smokes a good deal of weed" type, but really nice, as you can imagine. His girlfriend seemed normal, so much so that you wouldn't associate the two together, until you saw the tongue piercing. She did the survey with me, and had some interesting thoughts. Though I think that Canada becoming a superpower is a bit farfetched. She too had a traveling buddy, only hers was a rabbit.

Leaving Princeton was easy, all downhill. And the sun finally showed up, it had been cloudy all day until then. In fact the next 20k were downhill and the weather beautiful. But even though I have a good three hours of daylight left, I'm calling it quits. I need the rest, and I made my 100k quota. I stopped at this little park by a nice river called Bromley Rock, where I met an English couple here on vacation. I asked if I could camp in their spot with them (they have a campervan) in order to avoid paying the 12 bucks they charge (I offered an even split of 4, but they refused. In the end they accepted 2 so they could have some change for later).

Even though I didn't bike quite as long today as yesterday, I know a good rest is needed now. Besides, I covered more ground than yesterday. I am thinking of staying at a motel in Kelowna for a full day in order to rest my legs properly. That will also give me a chance to email everyone without inconveniencing anyone at a library or gas station or whatever.

It's cooling down quickly here, either because I'm in a valley, by a river, or both. I'll probably turn in early, since I still don't have a book to read. The english couple, Maggie and Stan, after talking for a half hour, have clammed up, so it's just me again. There are kayackers on the river, but I didn't have my camera with me.

I've taken to using my waterproof Seal Skin socks as improv slippers. I wear them to keep my feet warm, but they're perfect when I need to get out of the tent and can't be bothered to put on my boots.

Mossfoot has been a good friend and companion, which shows you just how little sanity I have left after less than a week on the road.

Hmmmm... Crunchy Granola Bars... rolled oats, sugar, vegetable oil (canola), peanut butter (peanuts, salt), refiner's syrup (what the hell is that?), honey, salt, crisp rice (rice flour, soy protein, sugar, malt, salt) soy lecithin.... yep, it's official. I'm bored.

Lastly, I have two injuries to report. My left ankle tendon has been flaring up since Chilliwack, and tonight my left knee joint is sore as hell. All the more reason for the rest.

Onto Day 11-12...